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If You're Pulled Over

+ Above all, remain calm and polite. Make eye contact with the officer.
+ Hand the officer your license, registration and insurance card or papers.
+ Give the officer no details, except your name and address, if requested.
+ Refuse a Field Sobriety Test.

If You Drink and Drive

If you drink and drive on occasion, you risk being pulled over after you've consumed alcohol. The time to learn your rights and responsibilities is before you're pulled over. Because conviction of a DUI results in lifetime consequences, consult a competent DUI lawyer before you drink and drive again. He or she will explain the intricacies of your state law, what you must do if the police pull you over, and what you can refuse to do. In this case, an ounce of prevention may save you from a lifetime of embarrassment and frustration.


Whatever the acronym, convicted motorists risk license suspension or revocation, fines, and possible jail sentences for this criminal offense. Convicted motorists also face higher insurance premiums and reduced employment opportunities. International travel can be restricted. Some countries deny admittance to convicted criminals.

DUI Lawyer

DUI lawyers handle cases arising from an arrest in which two conditions are alleged:

+ The defendant was driving or operating a motor vehicle.
+ The defendant was impaired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating fumes, or the defendant was driving with an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If someone dies as a result of an accident involving alcohol or drugs, the motorist will likely be charged with vehicular homicide. Drug- and alcohol-related crimes can be either a misdemeanor, depending on state law and severity of the crime. Convictions remain on your record for life, so you must seek counsel from a competent DUI lawyer who will ensure that your rights are fully protected.

Drinking and driving is not a crime. Driving while impaired or under the influence of alcohol is a crime.

+ DUI – Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or intoxicating fumes.
+ DWI – Driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated.
+ OUI – Operating under the influence of drugs, alcohol or intoxicating fumes.
+ OWI – Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.